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Senior Freshman

Senior Freshman Physics for students of Theoretical Physics


PY2T10 - Classical Physics for Theoretical Physics
PY2T20 - Modern Physics for Theoretical Phyiscs

    In addition students take the Maths courses for SF Theoretical Physics.

    Practical Laboratory Classes – Michaelmas Term, Hilary Term
    All SF students are required to attend one 3-hour laboratory session each week. A series of experiments is provided to illustrate some key results presented in the lecture courses. Three experiments during the year are computational exercises. The experiments are longer than in the JF year and are designed to continue the development of personal initiative and experimental and computational skills. Students prepare written reports on these experiments, which are assessed during the year.

    Group Study Projects – Michaelmas Term
    All students are required to investigate a given topic in Physics and present their findings in the form of a poster. Students work in groups of about four each. Projects are carried out early in Michaelmas Term.

    Small Group Tutorials – Michaelmas Term, Hilary Term
    Students are required to attend 12 tutorials and to complete homework associated with the tuition.

    Exams – Trinity Term
    Information about examinations is posted on the Junior Freshman notice board (outside the labs on the first floor of SNIAM) during Hilary Term. Each module, PY2T10 and PY2T20, is examined in a separate end-of-year 3-hour examination paper during the annual exam session in Trinity Term. The overall mark in each module is calculated as the weighted average of the exam mark (60%), the laboratory practical mark (25%), tutorial mark (10%) and the project mark (5%). If a student does not achieve a pass grade in a module, the student must either compensate according to the rules of the TP course or take a supplemental exam in that module in the following Michaelmas Term. Marks in the supplemental exams are calculated in the same way as in the annual exam.

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